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We believe in THE DREAM! We have it, you have it, everyone has it. Every dream is unique and different, and we are there for the visionaries, corporates, young executives climbing the ladders, business owners, go getters, bread winners, unique, exclusive, hungry, enthusiastic, people made for success, built for greatness and all the ones aspiring to their dream, and or those who have made it and are living THE DREAM! Success starts with a dream, followed by hard work and determination, just like a piece of coal that has handled pressure well we have a beautiful diamond.  


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The Dream

What we do

Eleganza Experience

Once you walk in, you will be transformed into a lifestyle, a dream and luxury. We won’t tell you too much, let the experience talk for itself. Book your appointment and see what we are talking about. Once you are part of us, there’s just no other that can match. We’ve had people from all over the globe personally fly in to come to us. We don’t just sell off the shelf jewellery, that’s easy. We sell a lifestyle! 

13 Reasons

Live The Dream With Eleganza

On-site Manufacturing

Our professional and expert jewellers, craft your unique pieces on site, giving you the opportunity to observe and be a part of your hand made jewellery’s creation. We encourage our clients to visit and watch the process.

Wealth of knowledge

Throughout the years, we have gained valuable knowledge in the jewellery industry both locally and internationally, which has assisted us in becoming the leading corporate jewellery company in South Africa.


100% Authentic

We pride ourselves on sourcing only the best raw materials. All stones, gems and metals are guaranteed authenticity. We DO NOT  deal with any fake diamonds or any form of jewellery without appropriate certifications.

the dream

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Discover your Dream

Discover your ultimate piece of jewellery, what would it be?

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Let us advise and design your dream jewellery.


Eleganza experience

Purchase online or come in to get a first class Eleganza experience.


Hear from our clients

Jenny Pickering

“This is to place on record our sincere appreciation for the service received in replacing my ring under the Insurance Claim. Eleganza’s service in delivering the ring to me in Howick goes beyond the normal service expected and we would have no hesitation in recommending Eleganza’s services.  The ring is a perfect replica of the original and your workmanship is excellent.”

Avin Ramgulam

“My Fiancee (now wife) and myself enjoyed the personal attention with the Eleganza team,we even met with the jeweller’s that made our ring’s. Our experience was nothing short of world class. They now have us as lifetime customers.”

Dino Reddy

“Eleganza made me feel so special due to the fact that they’ve spent time, effort and energy to make sure my experience was awesome… and it was just that! Excellence is the word that comes to mind when describing your service, quality and passion.”

Kuben Govender

“As an avid watch collector and enthusiast I found the staff knowledgeable and professional. For world class leading Swiss watches as well superb aftersales services, Eleganza is a market leader.”

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