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We have partnered up with premuim watch brands in order to offer our clients a full range of watches at their choosing. We are also able to source any watch you may desire as we are here to assist you in achieving your dreams.

A family passion since 1947

Michel Herbelin was determined to become a watchmaker against all the odds. His parents, who were local shop owners, wanted him to take over their business. He decided to follow his passion and study watchmaking. Then, in 1947, he decided to start his own watchmaking factory, reflecting the demand for perfection advocated by Michel Herbelin.

The very first timekeepers were branded ‘Impec’. In 1965 Impec watches became Michel Herbelin.

The 1980’s marks the birth of Newport – an inspired mix of technical expertise and attention to detail. Michel Herbelin extended the factory to meet the market’s requirements. Nowadays, Michel Herbelin keeps developing new ranges, combining French flair and Swiss technology.

Michel Herbelin always had a passion for creativity and attention to detail. This family passion has inspired three generations since 1947.

Michel Herbelin has passed his passion for the brand to his sons and grandchildren, who plays a major role in the product range development, from sketching out to manufacturing. Reliability, precision and elegance is the foundation of this charismatic brand.

All Michel Herbelin pieces are French-designed with precision Swiss Movements, offering a wide range of models that meet all requirements, both sporty and classic. Clean lines, elegance and attention to detail are the cornerstones of Michel Herbelin design. Creating models that reflect the ever-changing nature of watch making trends, and collections that embrace the imagination and emotion, Michel Herbelin pieces are as unique as the people that wear them.

Designed for the Individual, for You.

Rotary is renowned for its Swiss heritage and celebrates over 120 years of watchmaking expertise. This legacy was brought to life by Swiss watchmaker Moise Dreyfuss in 1895 in the Swiss town of La Chaux de Fonds – a family passion that carried on for four generations.

Rotary Les Originales embraces the brand’s Swiss heritage, taking inspiration from Rotary’s past to create a range of contemporary timepieces. Each timepiece can be identified by the Les Originales logo and is a modern representation of classic designs that date back to the early 1900’s, a collection that demonstrates the evolution of watch manufacturing throughout the last century.

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