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We offer an assessment service which helps the assessor companies save time & money in that claims are speedily & accurately estimate the client’s loss. Based on the details & description given by the client we will determine the correct value of pieces claimed. Eleganza provides specialist, quality services to both the insurer and the insured, with or no inconvenience to either party. All paperwork will be submitted to the insurer for processing thus minimising the time and work involved. 

Total Claims Management Solution.

Specialists Jewellery Evaluation Services.

Assessment Services – Essential tool for assessors minimising costs and time.

Jewellery Claims Moderator Services – We are able
to determine from clients quotations whether the claims are drastically inflated and able to investigate the correctness of the claim.

Jewellery Sourcing Service – Specialist sourcing
of the most effective product minimising insurer expense on claims without compromising on quality, repairs or replacements.

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