Leather Accessories

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Finest Quality   

As a Luxury Group, we have understood that our clients live the highest lifestyle, dripping in the finest products, whether it be jewellery, cars or any other form of accessories and toys. With this in mind, we have expanded to include leather accessories into our product / service offering. Our materials are sourced locally and ethically. We manufacture the most luxurious leather products for our exclusive clientele. Browse through our gorgeous range we’ve created for you or if you looking for something ultra bespoke, get in touch and we’ll create anything your heart desires! 

Disclaimer: All accessories are handmade as per order, please allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery if we do not have stock on hand. Thank you and enjoy shopping our luxury range. Should you require something custom, please contact office@eleganza.co and we’ll get in touch to create anything your heart desires!

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