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35 Years in Jewellery
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Our Story

Established in 1985, Eleganza began its journey in the heart of Durban Central as a humble trading company manufacturing custom made jewellery.

Due to the political climate, Eleganza was only able to trade in polished diamonds as it was illegal to trade in rough at the time. With the heavy restrictions on the South African market, Eleganza became interested in the international market.  During the overseas interactions and associations Eleganza gained extensive insight into the Insurance industry. 

Eleganza re-strategised and introduced new ideas and solutions to the insurance industry. Our dealings are with the major insurance companies and we offer a full service package approach.

South Africa is still a very regulated and controlled market. We have vast experience in the corporate field through other business ventures. Therefore, our structure is corporate as opposed to the industry standard jewellery retailer.

Within the last 5 years, Eleganza has refreshed and repositioned the brand and its identity. We have taken an interest in watches therefore expanding our brand offering.   

Our commitment to quality, excellence and after sales service is the core value of our business.

Eleganza has 35 years+ trading experience in both national and international markets.

The company is internationally recognised.

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Ethically Sourced Materials

It is a well known fact, that there are many unethical sources and processes of acquiring gold and diamonds. At Eleganza we only deal with ethically sourced materials.


Like no other

The Eleganza Experience

Once you walk in, you will be transformed into a lifestyle, a dream and luxury. We won’t tell you too much – let the experience talk for itself. Book your appointment today! At Eleganza, we pride ourselves on not being a typical jewellery store or retailer. We have positioned ourselves and modelled our business around a corporate environment. We deal with local and international clients. Our jewellery is of bespoke quality and not “off the shelf,”. We sell a lifestyle!


13 reasons

Live The Dream With Eleganza

Design studio

We have acquired the latest international jewellery design software and library to customise your jewellery pieces to your satisfaction.

High-end & bespoke

Jewellery is often personal and a cherished possession, usually to celebrate achievements and milestones in one’s life. Every story is unique and deserves it’s own individual piece.


Jewellery, gold, diamonds and gems are always a good investment, especially in an unstable economy or political space. You can always upgrade and add to your collection which will in time appreciate or become an heirloom.

Appointment only

In order to ensure and maintain our exclusive personalised customer experience, we work by appointment only in order to ensure we give you our utmost attention during your scheduled time.

Not a jewellery store

We are not your regular jewellery retail store as we have adopted a corporate structure that gives us freedom to push the limits of the jewellery industry and do business in ways that are not solely industry standard.

Design while you watch

Part of the exclusive Eleganza experience, we are able to customise your jewellery piece as you watch with a glass of wine.

Deliver anywhere in SA

Eleganza has offices based in Durban and Cape Town. We are able to cater for all areas of South Africa and are able to deliver your jewellery items directly to you (In major cities). 

No limits

We offer a wide range of unique bespoke jewellery pieces that are customisable and tailored to your specifications. There’s no limit to what is achievable. You visualise it and we will materialise it.

Wealth of knowledge

Throughout the years, we have gained valuable knowledge in the jewellery industry both locally and internationally, which has assisted us in becoming the leading corporate jewellery company in South Africa.


100% Authentic

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best raw materials. All stones, gems and metals are guaranteed authenticity. We DO NOT  deal with any fake diamonds or any form of jewellery without appropriate certifications.


Extensive portfolio

Being a unique jewellery corporate, we have structured ourselves in a way to be able to cater for all your luxury jewellery needs.

On-site manufacturing

Our professional and expert jewellers, craft your unique pieces on site, giving you the opportunity to observe and be a part of your hand made jewellery’s creation. We make your special.

Competitive pricing

As Eleganza is not a typical jewellery store in a mall, our model allows for us to match and in most cases beat most prices. Everyone should aspire to own a piece of jewellery. We believe all parties should feel a fair deal.

Assigned jeweller

When visiting our offices, we will gladly assign you one of our expert jewellers that will be able to cater for all your personal gifting requirements as well as assist you from appointment to collection.

Only the Best

Accredited Members

We abide and conduct our business in accordance to the Jewellery council of South Africa’s highest ethical standards. We adhere to the JCSA’s strict code of ethics and conduct.

 Nothing But

Highest Quality Ratings

 We source GIA (Gemological Institute of America) graded and certified diamonds, known as the highest grading of diamonds with the strictest standards. 


Hear from our clients

Aruna Naidoo

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent services rendered. We are quite pleased with the goods delivered as promised and will not hesitate to recommend family and friends to  Eleganza Manufactures for their top quality work.”

Annelie Pitcher

“Thank you for delivering my ring! I am very satisfied. The professional way in which Eleganza provide service is commendable. Thank you!”

Sanjay Balaram

“I highly recommend Eleganza for their Beautiful hand made jewellery and gorgeous catalogues of watches and other accessories. What is admirable about them is not only their quality of service but also the after care that they provide. I consider Eleganza to be the best company to deal with regarding hand crafted jewellery and other accessories.”

Humaira Jaffer

“I will like to thank you for a job well done. I am very happy with my earrings, it is exactly what I wanted. Keep up the good work, I will definetily be bringing all my jewellery requirements to you in future.”

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